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The Moth radio app freezes up completely and you can do nothing. This is the most frustrating experience I have ever had! I do love the stories, so I would love to have somebody fix the app!

Podcast great, app not so great

For this apps quality, it should be free. Unfortunately it is very buggy. Extremely buggy: many episodes wont even play over LTE.

Moth good, app bad

Virtually useless, the app will sometimes shut down randomly but more commonly it pauses itself and when I try to hit play to resume nothing happens. I could understand if I had bad service or something but this will happen at home over wifi as well. Dont waste you 99cents on this app and find some other way to listen to the moth. This review is for the app itself not the moth. If other people would rate this app for what it is the ratings would be so much lower

Crash Crash Fail

I love The Moth ...... Hate the app. I was able to play 1 downloaded podcast now it is perma frozen. Horrible. Please fix!

Wonderful stories!

A great app with a wide variety of captivating stories offered each week. It is addicting.

A bit too clean

Can u build in a sleep timer and more importantly can u make it so the app just plays the nxt episode as soon as the current one ends? Would be great. Thx. I love the moth!

Potential for 5 stars

This could be a great app, so much content here in a user friendly, eye appealing layout. However, half way into a story it rewinds and begins again. This is a new app, so likely these are just bugs that need worked out. Definitely potential for 5 stars, heres hoping for an update soon.

Half the stories restart midway

I like the Moth, but some of the stories, about half I listen to, restart about 5-7 minutes in, which is really annoying. Most recent one is the milli vanilli one. Pls fix.

Amazing stories, buggy app

I love the moth. This is the buggiest app on my iPhone though. Constant crashes, search only sometimes works. Just barely made worth it by the amazing content.

Content is fabulous but the app is not

Cant say enough about the stories and the storytellers, so good! The app crashes frequently but not enough to stope from listening


Love this. Highly recommend.

Love the storie

Wish it had a snooze setting! Love listening to the stories before bed!

Great App

If you like the podcast then youll love the App. With the App you get access to hours upon hours of Moth stories.


Love love love the moth. App is a bit sluggish at times and sometimes crashes. Worth every moment.

Enjoy the human side of life

Makes you think.

Love the Moth but app crashes constantly

Better to listen from website using browser. App needs work.

Love the Stories!

Not a huge fan of the app. Constantly quits on me. This usually happens before Im able to start playing. Rarely during, which is nice considering. Its a miracle when my spot is saved after Ive had to pause in the middle of one of the radio hours.

Great stories - very addictive!

The stories are wonderful and theres a big range of experiences and styles. You can listen to one story (10 - 20 min) or an hour-long program with three to four stories. The app gets stuck sometimes though (flips back to a story Ive already heard) and Ive had to shut it down in order to get back to the story I was trying to hear. In spite of this, The Moth is a joy and I use this app a lot.

Love the content. Hate the app

Love, love, love this. However the app keeps crashing. So frustrating. I keep coming back though..,,

Love the show, but not the app

The app is totally awkward, however the show itself remains fantastic.

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